Flat Selenite Chakra Charging Plate 20cm
Flat Selenite Chakra Charging Plate 20cm

Flat Selenite Chakra Charging Plate 20cm

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Elevate your crystal collection and enhance its energy with our Flat Selenite Chakra Charging Plate (20cm).

This exquisite charging plate is crafted from premium-quality selenite, known for its cleansing and purifying properties, designed to harmonise and recharge your crystals. The flat surface provides a safe and stable space to arrange your crystals, allowing them to absorb selenite's gentle and soothing vibrations.

Measuring 20cm in diameter, this charging plate offers ample space to accommodate multiple crystals, creating a beautiful display that enhances their natural beauty and amplifies their energetic properties. The chakra-inspired design adds a touch of symbolism, representing the seven energy centres within the body.

As you place your crystals on the plate, selenite cleanses and recharges them, removing any stagnant energy and restoring their vitality. It serves as a conduit for divine energy, infusing your crystals with renewed power and clarity.

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