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Properties of sodalite

Sodalite is known for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to enhance communication, creativity, and mental clarity. This gemstone resonates with the throat chakra, facilitating self-expression and helping individuals find their authentic voice.

About sodalite

Sodalite is a captivating gemstone with a history that traces back to ancient civilisations. Its name is derived from the Greek word "sodalitas," meaning "comradeship" or "union," reflecting its perceived ability to unite logical thinking with intuition. Sodalite has been valued for its rich blue color, reminiscent of the deep blue sea or the evening sky.

Sodalite has a significant presence in spiritual practices and energy work. It is considered a stone of insight, helping individuals access their inner wisdom and intuition. Sodalite is thought to promote spiritual awakening and provide clarity on one's life path, as well as support truthful communication and emotional balance.

Throughout history, various cultures have attributed different meanings to this gemstone.

In ancient Egypt, sodalite was associated with the sky goddess, Hathor, and was believed to provide insight and understanding. In medieval Europe, it was considered a stone of protection, safeguarding against negative influences and promoting peace and tranquillity.

main points

  • Supports Emotional balance
  • Helps intuition
  • Promotes truthful communication
  • Helps to dispel fear and guilt
  • Helps you to be honest with yourself
  • Promotes calmness and lowers panic attacks.

main points

● Blue in colour with white/cream inclusions

● Deposits found in Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Namibia

● spiritual elemental correspondenceWater

● planet: The moon

● zodiac signs: Sagittarius

● Associated Chakras: Throat and heart chakra (5th+4th)