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Spirit Elements came into creation with the purpose of ensuring that our impact on the environment around us was to be kept as minimal as possible. We are working hard to achieve complete recyclable packaging and a low eco-footprint. As a business owner, I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that Spirit Elements looks after the world and those we share it with.

We ensure that all our products have been sourced from reputable companies that also work in maintaining ethical practices and standards as well as fair trading. Natural gemstone crystal trading is generally artisanal. Our main gemstone specialist crystal wholesaler has built up a professional and reputable relationship with us and is also proven as an ethical trader. They are working with local communities where gemstones are mined to ensure that the money generated is benefiting them. This means that money is helping build and grow communities rather than being absorbed by big companies. The majority of our crystal products are from specialised traders that purchase and source crystals through uncapitalised individuals who extract gemstones as their sole source of income. These are often in areas where other sources of income are difficult to achieve. Some of the larger Rough stone minerals and crystals, such as Rose Quartz and large Jaspers, may be extracted by excavators, but crystal and mineral specimens are carefully mined by hand to help retain their value, energy and beauty. Our crystals gemstones are authentic.

Bath and skin
products are all vegan-friendly and against animal cruelty, as we must look after our furry friends too.