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Properties of RHODONITE

Rhodonite is believed to be a powerful healing stone for emotional wounds and traumas. It is said to help release pent-up emotions, especially anger and resentment, and promote forgiveness and compassion.


The name rhodonite
comes from a Greek word meaning 'A rose' due to its reddish-pink colour. Some
varieties of rhodonite have brown and black inclusions.Rhodonite is an excellent healing stone that aids with healing past traumas and heartache. It helps to promote self-love and worth whilst nurturing our spirit and clearing away any negative energies clogging our heart chakra. Rhodonite properties
teaches love and compassion, both externally and internally, to help us remember not to be too hard with ourselves. This first aid stone is terrific at calming and soothing our emotions, enabling us to recentre and become grounded through stressful and painful times. Connected closely with the spiritual heart chakra, it cleanses and balances our heartstrings to help stimulate knowledge in understanding ourselves and our own needs. This leads to finding more positive and progressive relationships. Rhodonite Is a manganese inosilicate that is part of the pyroxenoid group of minerals. It crystallises in a triclinic system. Found mainly in  Argentina, Australia, Brazil,
Canada, England, India, Peru, Russia, and Sweden, Rhodonite is considered an uncommon gemstone.


● Heals sadness due to breakups and heartache

● Heals emotional trauma and painful events

● Promotes meaningful relationships

● Clears the heart charka

● Supports self-love and worth

● Dispels anxiety

● Promotes love and compassion

● Enhances our caring nature


Colours: Pink, brown, black and pink, reddish-pink 

Planet: Venus

Associated Chakras: heart (4th)

Zodiac Signs correspondence: Taurus

spiritual Elements correspondences: Earth

Common Origins: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,
England, India, Peru, Russia, and Sweden