Tantric practices

Tantric sex is a practice rooted in ancient spiritual traditions originating from India. It involves a holistic approach to sexuality, emphasising the use of mind, body, and spirit together. Tantric sex goes beyond the physical act and incorporates mindfulness, energy work, and a deep connection between couples.

what is tanric sex?

In tantric philosophy, sexual energy is viewed as a powerful force that can be harnessed for personal and spiritual growth. The practice of tantric sex encourages individuals and couples to explore and expand their sexual experiences, fostering a deep sense of intimacy, pleasure, and connection.

Tantric sex requires open communication, consent, and a safe and trusting environment. It is a personal and in-depth journey that can bring about self-discovery, healing, and a deeper understanding of one's sexuality and spirituality.

incorporating tantric practice

Mindful Presence

Tantric sex emphasises being fully present in the moment. Engage in conscious breathing, allowing yourself to relax and focus on the sensations and connection with your partner.

Emotional Connection

It is vital to have emotional intimacy and trust with your partner. Prioritise open communication, vulnerability, and deepening your emotional bond. Understand each other's boundaries and desires, and work together in connecting deeply.

Slow and Sensual Approach

Slow down the pace and savour each moment. Explore each other with gentle touch, extended foreplay, and prolonged arousal to heighten sensitivity and build anticipation.

Energy Awareness

Tantra views sexual energy as a powerful life force. Focus on building and circulating this energy throughout your body and between you and your partner. Visualise the flow of energy and maintain awareness of its movement.


Sync your breath with your partner's breath to create a harmonious rhythm. Deep, synchronised breathing helps to connect on a deeper level and expand the flow of energy throughout the body.

Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact with your partner during moments of intimacy. This can create a deep sense of connection and presence, allowing for a more intense exchange of energy and emotions.

Meditative States

Incorporate meditation or mindfulness practices into your sexual experiences. This can involve focusing on your breath, visualizations, or mantra repetition to deepen your connection and enhance awareness.

Sensory Stimulation

Engage all your senses during lovemaking. Explore different textures, scents, sounds, and tastes to heighten sensory awareness and intensify the experience.

Extended Orgasm

In tantric sex, orgasm is not the sole focus. Instead, prolong the plateau phase and extend the experience of pleasure and heightened states of arousal. Practice slowing down or pausing stimulation when nearing orgasm, allowing energy to spread throughout the body.

Mutual Pleasure and Equality

Prioritise mutual pleasure and equal participation, ensuring that both partners receive attention and experience pleasure. Maintain a balanced exchange of giving and receiving, Promoting a balanced and equal partnership.