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Properties of moonstone

Moonstone is said to have a special connection to fertility and childbirth. It is believed to support the reproductive system and enhance fertility, making it a valuable tool for women who are trying to conceive. It is also said to be helpful during pregnancy, helping to ease anxiety and promote a healthy connection between mother and baby.


Moonstone belongs to the felspar mineral
group and is also known as Oligoclase Feldspar. It is strongly connected to the
moon and the motherly goddess. It has a deep feminine association and reminds
us that the moon's cycle resonates with females' natural cycles.

Moonstone helps us maintain harmony and
balance of our emotions and helps us become more in tune with our intuition and
psychic abilities.

Moonstone comes in various colours such as
rainbow, brown, and peach. Each colour slightly differs in properties, but all
colours vibrate with feminine energy.

In Reiki, spiritual and crystal healing, moonstone is
used in correspondence to females pre and postnatal periods. From conception to
post-birth. It is said to aid our motherly instincts and help create bonding with our children, aiding breastfeeding and maternal love.


● Moonstone promotes Motherly love

● spiritual purity

● ideal for new beginnings and transition

● opens our hearts to compassion and empathy

● helps to promote inner strength

● enhances intuition and psychic abilities

harmonises emotions, assists with accepting love and calms and soothes


● white, rainbow, brown, peach or blue

● Deposits found in Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico

● elemental correspondence: Water

● planet: moon

● zodiac signs: Cancer

● Associated Chakras: crown chakra (7th)