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Daily Affirmations

Saying daily affirmations can increased self-confidence, improved focus, reduced stress and
anxiety, and greater your overall well-being


I am good enough and worthy of love, respect and happiness.

I love myself, i feel comfortable and accept every part of myself.


I am good enough, no if's no buts...

 i am deserving of love, respect and happiness full stop

I am confident. I can face everything and anything that comes my way.

 I welcome my differences and celebrate my unique qualities.

I embrace every part of me and fill it with love and acceptance.

 I have healed and accept that past traumas have made me stronger and wiser.


i will let go of anything that does not benefit my spirit in
order to make way for beautiful new opportunities.

i am human, i feel emotions. However, my strength is greater, and I refuse to
hold on to pain.


I wake up every day happy, healthy, wealthy and loved.

I accept myself... What is perfection...perfection is an individualised
opinion...so to me, i am perfect.


I am strong enough, i am clever enough, i am enough.

I love myself and those around me.

The only person
that i will allow to validate me ....is me.

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I deserve to have only those that love and value me in my life.

I am worthy of love, affection and respect.

● I am ready to love and be loved.

I will find the right person for me, one that meets my needs.

● I only attract healthy, loving long term relationships.

When i give someone my love, i know that i will receive theirs.

 Love flows into my life effortlessly.

I will find love. The perfect person for me is out there looking for me too.


I love myself enough to only settle for someone that will uplift my soul.

I am ready to trust and give my heart. i have healed, and this time will be
worth it.


Communication is vital, and I will be open and mindful with my partner as they will be with

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I choose for my business to be productive and successful.


and wealth will flow effortlessly into my life, and the work i put in will fill me with pride.

No one can stand in my way of making money.

only fail when i give up...and believe me, that isn't happening.

I will make this work. My efforts will pay off.

 I will wake up each day with a positive mindset as i know today's work will
achieve tomorrows dream.

patience and you'll see how brilliant i

 I don't chase my dreams, i attract my dreams. The work i put in baits it ever so closer.

 I will soon need a new dream because this one will soon come true.

Every step is progression

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