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crystal healing

Crystal healing can be practised in several ways,
including wearing crystals as jewellery, placing them in a room or on an altar,
or using them in meditation or energy healing sessions.


Crystals come in many different shapes and sizes and are typically formed underground. Each crystal has its characteristics depending on how and where it was formed. There have been many debates on whether the effects of crystal energy can genuinely support the human body to cleanse, heal and develop. However, for centuries worldwide, many people have sworn to the benefits that crystals have provided for themselves or people they have known.Some medical researchers debate whether crystals provide a placebo effect to help the mind focus on the intended task or if they really can emit specific
energy to aid different aspects of the mind and body.

But whether you are a firm believer in crystal healing or not, the beauty of it is that it does not harm to try.


Personally, i use different crystals for different areas in my life. I have noticed for many years they have helped me display mindfulness and focus on the intended purpose and give reassurance under challenging situations.


Crystal healing is becoming more popular in the western world and is recognised for its incredibly positive effects. The beauty of crystal healing is that it can work alongside other
therapies to support an attuned goal. All matter is constructed from atoms. A single atom has a nucleus with electrons that rotate around it.

This being said shows that all matter vibrates at specific frequencies.
Crystal healing uses these vibrational frequencies to interact and channel energy around the body to connect with associated chakras.


.What is a chakra? A chakra is the body's own natural energy centre that helps to regulate all of its functions and processes. There is said to be 7 located from the top of your head to the base of your spine.
Vibrational energy from crystals can aid in focusing or channelling energy to and from these specific chakras to aid in aligning the mind, body or spirit.
Different crystals have different properties, so using crystals associated with the correct chakras can amplify energy and focus on the connected area. This promotes healing mentally, physically and spiritually.
Even if you do not wish to use crystals in healing sessions, there are many ways that you can incorporate them into your life.