Amazonite meaning

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Properties of amazonite

Amazonite is a powerful stone with a range of spiritual properties that can benefit anyone seeking to improve their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, improve communication, or connect with your inner wisdom, amazonite is a great stone to work with.


AmazoniteAmazonite belongs to the group of potassium feldspar minerals.
Called the stone of hope, Amazonite has been used for
centuries as far back as the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Ancient Egyptians
saw the gemstone amazonite with very high regard, curving the gemstone into
amulets and beads for jewellery. A carving of 
an amazonite scarab beetle was
also found in Tutankhamun's tomb. There are many stories of where the name Amazonite came
from. Some include that female Amazon female warriors lined their shields with
this gemstone to increase courage. Other reports suggest that it was granted
this name as it was discovered in the Amazon rainforest though no deposits have
ever been found there. Amazonite links the heart and throat chakra, enhancing communication,
calming and easing worry and stress and promoting trust and understanding. This
stone of hope enables the wearer to open their heart once again, being more
mindful and wiser than before.

Amazonite correspondence


● Attunes the throat and heart chakras

● Enhances trust, understanding and communication

● Promotes self-care

● Calms emotions and eases stress

● Promotes good luck and fortune

● cleansing and good health

Promotes truth

Helps with shyness

Amazonite meaning


● Greeny blue in colour

● Deposits found in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and China

● spiritual elemental correspondenceWater

● planet: Uranus

● zodiac signs: Virgo

● Associated Chakras: Throat and heart chakra (5th+4th)

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