spiritual protection

Spiritual protection refers to the practice of safeguarding oneself from negative energies, entities, and influences that can harm our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This can be achieved through various spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, visualization, and energy healing.

Protect yourself from unwanted energy.

Protection from harmful and unwanted energy is an essential
aspect of your day-to-day life. Have you ever been to a place that feels
unwelcoming or awkward? And even after leaving, it has left you feeling frustrated
or low for a good part of your day. Or maybe you know someone that, after
interacting with, you find yourself drained or annoyed. Of course, the best
action is to avoid these situations, but honestly, this is not always possible.

This is why you need to have spiritual and mental
protection. If you can, limit the amount of time you are within these
situations. The shorter, the better!. Many different practices can help you
build up layers of spiritual protection to help keep you happy and positive.

Sometimes with the aid of crystals, charms and trinkets can boost
your protection and remind you to re-focus your energy on keeping spiritually

Let’s jump straight in and look at a few ways we can achieve
spiritual protection

White light meditation

white light meditation is a practice amongst many cultures and religions. This is based on visualisation; the more creative you can be, the better and stronger it becomes. Visualise that you are shrouded by white light that no energy can penetrate or get through. Some people picture their aura becoming filled with white light, or that light enters their crown chakra and flows through their body. Other visualisation may involve a bubble or sphere around you, filled with bright, radiant light.

Carrying crystals

Crystals vibrate and have much different prosperity. Carrying them close to you can help link your auric energy with theirs. Some of the crystals that promote protective properties include: Tourmaline, Tigerseye, Hematite, Obsidian, quartz and amethyst.


Smudging has been a practice used by many
different cultures and traditions for a long time.

Smoke that is produced by the burning of
protective herbs clings and dispels negative energy. This is also why it is crucial
when practising this that a good source of ventilation is available. Open
windows and doors to ensure that the smoke carries these negativities away. To
help keep your focus whilst smudging, play music, say mantras or even dance to
help also build the positive energy back up.


Have you ever had a long tiring day, and all you want to do is relax in a hot bath or steamy shower? Cleansing yourself and the environment around you can aid in cleaning those unwanted energies away.

Protection herbs, charms, spells and trinkets.

Many cultures and traditions around the world hold sacred or energised objects close to them. Filled with protective energy, they will aid in blocking or diverting negativity away from you. You can make your own energy-filled charms and trinkets with any material that resonates
with your best

Mantras and words

There is power in words. Prayers, spells, mantras, chants, songs and poems help to build and create the vibes you want and block the energy that you don’t want.

Ask your guides

Whichever religion or practice you follow, there is always that divine energy you can ask for help to protect you