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Properties of Lava stone

Lava stone is formed from volcanic lava and is porous in nature, which allows it to absorb essential oils and release their aroma when used in aromatherapy. Lava stone is associated with the root chakra and is believed to promote grounding, stability, and strength. It is said to provide a sense of security and stability, helping to calm the mind and ease anxiety and stress.

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''The earth wept, and its fire destroyed all.
But as one world died, another was created within its fertile dark stone.

''Lava stone is also known as Basalt or lava rock. It Is a form of volcanic rock created by molten lava after it has cooled and
solidified. Its name derives from the Greek word "Adamas", which
means "the invincible". Lava stone is made of pure carbon that has crystallized under extreme pressure. Lavastone links closely to the root chakra
to provide an intense, grounded earthly energy. The drastic changes that happen in the formation of this grounded rock also enhance our adaptability to change and help us approach it with a creative, positive outlook. As Lava stone is connected very intensely to the root chakra and provides grounding and stability benefits, it also helps to increase the connection between nature and our spirit. In doing so, it aids in maintaining stability for our midframe and soul, giving an intense grounding earth energy. It supports us in keeping our
emotions in check, thoughts logical and spirit patient, which is genuinely beneficial when making difficult decisions.

To enhance the grounding and healing properties of lava stone, it can be paired with other crystals such as black tourmaline for protection, clear quartz for amplification of energy, or rose quartz for emotional healing


● Lavastone keeps emotions calm and collected

● Promotes us to reconnect with mother earth

● enhances creativity

● grounds our root chakra

● Enhances fertility

● supports logical thinking and patience

● Dispels negative energy

● Aids in adapting to change


Colours: Grey to black. Lava stone is also formed in a white colour, which is very rare.

Planet: Earth

Associated Chakras: root (1st)

Zodiac Signs correspondence: Taurus, Cancer

Elements correspondences: Earth

Common Origins: cayman islands