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Properties of tigerseye

Tiger's Eye is believed to help individuals overcome fear and anxiety, promoting a sense of courage, strength, and confidence. It is a golden-brown stone with stripes that resemble the eye of a tiger, hence the name "Tiger's Eye."


''The tiger watches and lays low, not due to fear, but because its spirit has fully embraced the focus, precision and determination needed to
achieve the task."

Tigerseye has been used by many different cultures in various parts of the world for centuries. In ancient times South African Gold Tiger’s Eye was traded in Northern parts of Africa.
Tiger eye has been found
in ancient Egyptian and Assyrian tombs. These gemstones were crafted into both jewellery and talismans. Gold Tiger’s Eye gemstone was also used as the eyes of
statues of the Egyptian gods Ra and Geb (the sun and earth gods). It is also said that ancient roman soldiers would carry and wear these engraved gemstones to enhance
their strength, courage and protection in battle.

Tiger's eye is a form of chalcedony quartz. Its beautiful
dreamy look is in a formation of parallel quartz crystals and altered amphibole fibres that have turned into limonite. Closely linked with the solar plexus tiger's eye is closely related to our courage, strength and willpower.

Tigerseye is also helpful for those struggling with addiction, providing a sense of stability and strength to overcome harmful habits and behaviors.


● Tigerseye gives strength, will power and focus

● A very protective stone

● Provides bravery and courage

● Connected with the solar plexus

● Helps to focus the mind

● supports logical thinking

● Aids mental clarity

● Aids in adapting and making decisions

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Colours: golden, yellow, orange and blue

Planet: The sun

Associated Chakras: solar plexus (3rd)

Zodiac Signs correspondence: Leo

Elements correspondences: Fire

Common Origins: Australia, USA, China, Namibia and
South Africa.