How to raise your spiritual vibrations and become more in tune with the energy around you.

''All vibrates. Nothing stands still'' Is one of the seven hermetic universal laws.

This explains that all matter on a molecular level
vibrates. Albert Einstein also stated `everything in life is vibration.

Molecules all vibrate at different speeds, producing different frequencies. These vibrations convert into energy that manifests the world we live in and beyond. Thoughts and feelings also affect the way that we vibrate and the energy we give out. Empathic people can feel or sense other people's emotions and energy states intuitively. Reading these vibes (vibrations) is an excellent way of working with your intuition closely.
This can help you to become more mindful and in tune with your spirit.

all energy vibrates

The vibrational energy given out by you is likely
to attract the same energy back. This is the law of attraction. If your thoughts and feelings are in tune with a particular energy flow or frequency, you will be focusing, searching and even calling back the alike flow of energy.

So-called `Lower energy states` are nearly self-explanatory. Think about the phrase `Feeling low`. This may cause you to feel heavy, confused, depressed and in darkness. The key is to focus on raising your vibration to help you get out of such low vibrational states.

But before we go into how, let's think about what it means to have a higher vibrational state.

Have you ever come across the phrase: ''on a high''? (that is without the use of narcotics)

This explains When you're feeling happy, energetic and light. Higher frequency vibrations tend to produce more positivity and harmonious feelings. Higher Spirits work on similar vibration frequencies. High vibrational beings and entities are related to spiritual beings of love and peace, such as guardian angels, spirit guides, loved ancestors and spiritual protectors.

However, as everything has its opposites, there are also low vibrational entities. These spiritual beings vibrate on a much lower frequency and promote fear and negativity.

So how can we raise our vibrational energy?

Here are a few pointers that can help you change your energy to help benefit your mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

how to raise your vibrations

Mindful thinking/affirmations

All is thought! What we think, we start believing.
What we believe, we start manifesting!! Our thought patterns create our worlds.
It influences the way we perceive things, our actions, and the energy drawn to
us. Changing our mind frame is an essential step in raising our vibrations and
incorporating positivity into our lives. Start with positive daily affirmations
and challenge yourself to identify and shut down negative thoughts in their
tracks. Remember also to forgive your own mistakes. No one is perfect. It's how
we all learn! Be mindful of your thoughts and thinking trends. Whether it's
negative thoughts towards yourself or others around you, recognise them analyse
them, and change them because you are truly amazing.


Become aware of your surroundings and environment
every day. Identify what makes you feel good and where you feel not so good.
Become aware of things, places, situations and people that are negative and
take steps to change or reduce the time you spend in such situations. Once
identified, remove change or reduce these things or protect yourself from the
energy they produce.

Protection practices can be found on my protection

Eat and Drink Healthily

Ever heard of the saying you are what you eat? This
is where you express mindfulness about what goes into your mouth and stomach.
It's never too late to make small changes. There are times when you may be
short on time. You may not be in the mood to cook or even find cooking tedious
and long-winded… But there are so many online recipes that are quick, simple
and healthy. What is the trick to maintaining good habits? The trick is not to
make drastic changes but smaller ones, slowly increasing them until a
noticeable difference is made. Find healthy food that you enjoy eating and
incorporate them into your daily habits.

Here are some examples of the changes I made with
my two sons

Get out into nature.

Being out and about in nature has been deemed
beneficial for many different reasons for centuries. Whether you are out
running, exercising or just taking a stroll, being in nature helps you to
refresh and recharge your energy. Many people assume this can only be done on
beautiful bright days. However, `come rain or shine` sometimes rain walks can
be just as fun as sunny ones. Get Intune with your child within, and remember
to bring your wellies and waterproofs.

Do things you enjoy

Enjoy yourself! Take the time out of your busy
daily lives and find the time to do the things you like. Get your serotonin
levels up !!! Just be mindful in ensuring that your enjoyment is not harmful to
you or those around you.


If you are not familiar with meditation, start
small. There are multiple apps and YouTube videos that you can follow to help
start you off. Start with the basics and maybe do a short meditation session to
focus on breathing a relaxation. This can be as little as 2-5mins. Meditation
can aid with focus, analysing and refreshing the mind, body and soul.


Excising is healthy all around. Again as with
meditation, if you are a beginner, start small and work up. A simple walk, a
few easy yoga poses, or light stretches can help balance the mind, body and
soul. Even healthy, meaningful intimate connections can help raise your vibration,
increase oxytocin and put a long-lasting smile on your face.

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