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Properties of JADE

Green jade is a powerful crystal associated with growth, prosperity, and abundance in spiritual practices. Its beautiful green color is calming and soothing, and its ability to promote emotional balance and physical healing


Jade is a very cleansing and detoxifying crystal, and It is often used during spiritual meditation.

Green jade is associated with the heart chakra and is closely linked to friendship and social aspects.

It is also very healing and nurturing due to carrying the energy of Mother Earth and nature within it.

jade properties are used to aid healing processes and is harmonious in supporting health and well-being. Green jade is also a stone of wealth, prosperity and abundance in some cultures and traditions, it is considered to bring good luck and fortune into the household. It will also support you to believe in and accept your Divine birthright
helping in the manifestation of goals.

If you tend to spend a lot of time working or worrying, green jade can help you release the over-thinking and feel the joy
and simple pleasures of being alive.

For children, jade makes a brilliant protective stone
and is also a stone for friendship and diplomacy, supporting social development. It is believed to attract wealth and is a bringer of good fortune

To enhance the healing and balancing properties of green jade, it can be paired with other crystals such as rose quartz for love and compassion, amethyst for spiritual growth, or clear quartz for amplification of energy


● Promotes diplomacy

● brings prosperity

● strengthens friendship

● helps the healing process

● promotes good fortune and good luck

● calms the mind

● calms and soothes

● anxiety relief

● cleansing and good health


Green in colour

Deposits found in US and china

Spiritual elemental correspondence: Water

Planet: Venus

Zodiac signs: Taurus

Associated Chakras: heart chakra (4th)