Amethyst geode

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Properties of amethyst

Amethyst is often called the "stone of spirituality" and is believed to have properties that help individuals connect to their higher self and to the divine. It is also believed to assist with emotional balance and provide a sense of calm and peace.


`Suddenly, Through the chaos, I saw clarity,
and all became calm.`

The name Amethyst derives from the ancient
Greek word amethustos, meaning = (A) anti (methustos) intoxicating. It was said
that the precious amethyst gemstone would help prevent drunkenness or
over-intoxication with alcohol. Due to this, cups would be carved from this gem
for drinking wine.

Purple Amethyst ranges from beautiful light
lilac to deep rich violet, and many traditions and cultures around the world
have recognised its soothing and healing properties. Amethyst properties
are closely linked with the third eye chakra and the crown. Amethyst can help
to promote spiritual connection, enhance intuition and aid in soothing and
calming the mind and spirit. This beautifully amazing gemstone holds both the
ability to help keep us connected with the universe and spirit realms and, in
doing so, enables clear sight and increased psychic abilities.

Amethyst's emotional and mental benefits are found in its
ability to help soothe and calm the mind. When we allow its energy to
synchronise with our own, it can aid in reducing stress, anxiety and
anger. Amethyst is a brilliant stone to support focus when meditating,
especially when working on spiritual and mental self-development.

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  • Aids psychic abilities
  • Calms and soothes the mind and spirit
  • Supports focus and meditation
  • Promotes restful sleep and spiritual dreams
  • Heals and cleanses
  • Supports emotional balance
  • Aids in connecting us with spirit guides and the universe
Amethyst geode


  • Colours: lilac to deep purple
  • Birthstone: February
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Associated Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown
  • Zodiac Signs correspondence: Aquarius, Pisces
  • Elements correspondences: Air, Water,
  • Companion Essential Oil: Lavender
  • Common Origins: Canada, India,
  • Amethyst is also known as the `Bishops  Stone` or
    stone of spirituality