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grounding and earthing

Earthing can help foster a deeper spiritual connection
with oneself and the world around us by connecting with the Earth's energy and
bringing about a sense of spiritual well-being.


Nature is all around us, and there are many benefits to getting close to it. Grounding is a physical, mental and spiritual way of reconnecting with nature and the world around you. Grounding (also known as earthing) has been practised both intentionally and unintentionally since the beginning of time. It is the practice where the physical body connects with the ground or earth.

Many people simply practice this by placing their bare feet on the earth, walking barefoot, or lying on the grass.

Mother nature and the earth around us are truly amazing. It has a unique ability to regulate and stabilise many of our ecosystems on the planet, so why would it be any different for us


Traditionally parents would encourage children to play in
the soil, make mud pies and dig holes. This, in turn, exposed them to our natural environment and helped build their immunity. The earth's surface contains electrons which have a negative charge, which is also conductive and continuously renewed. In ancient times our connection to nature was much stronger, and people used to either wear animal hide shoes or walk barefoot.
This enabled the earth's electrons to harmoniously interact and spread over and into our bodies.

However, since 1950-60 we have started wearing insulated rubber sole shoes. Rubber prevents the conductivity of electrons, acting as a barrier. This further severs our connection with nature. In modern days, immune, chronic, and other illnesses have increased dramatically as well as the body's ability to heal itself naturally. There are many debates on to why this is but it would be safe to say that this is caused due to many environmental factors. Though taking away the natural aspect of enabling our bodies to heal cant be good


There is so much emerging scientific research
that supports the idea that the earth's electrons can interact freely with the body, which leads to many physiological and psychological significant changes. These studies showed that cortisol levels and sleep dysfunctions dramatically reduced after regular periods of grounding. Other studies showed that grounding significantly reduced mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, stress and irritability. Other studies have shown that grounding has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, Increase sleep quality, enhance oxygen delivery to tissue and lead to a Healthier immune system.

Many articles and research can
be found here if you wish to read further.

Research -Earthing Institute.

Otherwise, you can (If you want) do your research to see what you find.

As a note, Natural and complementary practices such as grounding shouldn't be used as a replacement for any medical treatments, illnesses or conditions. However, you can implenment grounding alongside current medical professionals' advice to establish a harmonised balance that's right for you.
However, as with everything, be careful when walking, sleeping, rolling, crawling etc..
on the ground to ensure that you don't hurt yourself. Other than that, enjoy !!