AAA moldavite
moldavite unique shape
Feathered Moldavite AAA Grade 2.3g, Nesmen Forest (1pc)
Feathered Moldavite AAA Grade 2.3g, Nesmen Forest (1pc)
moldavite nesman forest
nesman forest moldavite

Feathered Moldavite AAA Grade 2.3g, Nesmen Forest (1pc)

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Authentic Moldavite from Nesmen forest Czech Republic

This is a unique moldavite piece which is shown in the pictures. 

Moldavite is a tektite crystal glass created after an impact of a meteorite that hit southern Germany at Nördlinger Ries about 15 million years ago. Moldavite has only Currently been found in areas such as southern Bohemia, western Moravia, northwest Bohemia, Germany, and  Austria.

Moldavite has immensely strong spiritual properties and is deemed one of the most spiritual stones yet discovered 

Moldavite is used for

  • Spiritual transformation
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Spiritual healing 
  • Luck and prosperity 
  • Opens and clears blockages in chakras
  • Assist with personal, emotional and spiritual growth and healing

This piece of moldavite is AAA grade and weighs 2.3g comes with a mineral box with a magnified lid

Authentic Certificate? - We understand that many customers are seeking reassurance regarding the authenticity of Moldavite gemstones. With the increasing popularity of Moldavite, it's unfortunate that a significant number of certificates provided by sellers in the market are counterfeit or for synthetic versions of the stone.

At Spirit Elements, we prioritize 100% transparency and honesty with our valued customers. While we do not issue certificates ourselves, we encourage you to seek the advice and expertise of independent gemstone experts or certified gemologists for your peace of mind. They can provide professional guidance and thorough assessments to verify the authenticity of our Moldavite or any other gemstone you may be interested in.

We want you to feel confident in your purchase, and we are here to support you in making informed decisions. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. Your satisfaction and trust are of utmost importance to us.


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