Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Meditation
Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Meditation
Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Meditation
Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Meditation

Energy Cleansing & Smudging Kit - Meditation

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Introducing our Smudge and Gem Kit, a powerful collection of sacred tools for purification and spiritual practices. This kit includes

Two Smudge Sticks - White Sage 10cm and 15cm: Crafted from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant, White Sage, also known as Indian incense, has been used by indigenous shamans in North America for centuries. It is a sacred herb renowned for its ability to cleanse and purify energy during ceremonial rituals.

Selenite Stick Raw Crystal - Natural Stone 10 cm (4 Inch): Experience deep peace and tranquillity with the calming properties of Selenite. This beautiful crystal is highly regarded for its healing abilities and is associated with the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras. Holding this crystal promotes purity and honesty, encouraging self-reflection and inner truth.

Palo Santo: Derived from South America, Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood," has been used for centuries to clear negative energy and promote healing. Its fragrant aroma uplifts the spirit and creates a harmonious environment for meditation and energetic cleansing.

50g Rose Quartz Gemstone Chips: Embrace the power of unconditional love with Rose Quartz, often referred to as the 'Love Stone.' This calming and relaxing crystal symbolises love and compassion, nurturing emotional healing and harmony. Each unique piece varies in size, shape, and colour, ranging from 0.5 to 1cm.

Unleash the positive energy and spiritual potential with our Smudge Kit, designed to support your purification rituals, meditation practices, and energetic well-being. Explore the beauty and transformative properties of these sacred tools as you embark on your spiritual journey.

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